Florida General Contractor License: CBC060027

 Florida Underground Utility & Excavation License: CUC1224268

 Michigan General Contractor License: 2101098359


The effects of fire damage, whether it be from hurricane damage or to a candle left burning can be extremely devasting to any home owner or business owner.  This disaster can leave you feeling emotional exhausted, frustrated and confused.  We are here to take the uncertainty out of this unsafe environement and restore your home or business back to its former state.


Wind can be an extremely powerful element that can do substantial damage to any home or business. Whether it be from hurricane damage or from a severe tornado it can leave you with devastating results. We are here to help you through the restoration process to getting your property and restoring it to its former state where it is secure.


Water damage requires an immediate response after a broken pipe or an unfortuante flood disaster to your home or business.  We will take all the necessary steps to remove the water, dry, dehumidify, disinfect and deordarize your home or business to stop any further damage from occurring.


Mold can damage what it grows on because the spores are always present in the environment. They can grow on building materials and furnishings if conditions are correct. The first step to professional remediation is to determine the type of mold involved in your home or business by testing the mold and then we will determine an abatement plan. 


Hurricanes are large, spiraling tropical storms that can pack wind speeds of over 160 mph and unleash more than 2.4 trillion gallons of rain a day damaging your home and property. The damage from wind and water can be a catastophic loss for you and your family. We are certified to take care of all your clean up and restoration.


You may think that just because you can't see any signs of damage, that you don't have damage.  Hail damage is particularly difficult to identify, because your roof isn't leaking does not mean there is no damage.  Many homeowners discover major roofing damage years later, after it is too late to file a storm damage claim with your insurance company. Hail damage may consist of roof, shingle, ashphalt, siding, window or exterior appliances; AC/HVAC units.